Rocky Mountain Haunters Annual Gathering 2021
June 10-12
Stringtown 455 E 200 N Lindon, Utah 

June 10th

June 11th 

June 12th 

As of the posting of this list masks will be mandatory for everyone and social distancing will be expected. and supported as much as possible. A build schedule has not been made as the posting of this page. Keep an eye out for a build schedule. 
All sign ups will be conducted online. Click the button below. Payment is currently only accepted through paypal, except in very specific situations that include contacting Damon Ferre or Jen Fitt via text. 
Donations towards the group funds are greatly appreciated. Support continues to keep this group functioning and keep builds available. 
Leads are all volunteer and each person spends a lot of time collecting parts, preparing the parts, and organizing the build. Any kit left over will be given a few attempts to get them to the owner before being refunded and resold. Builds are almost all only available before the Gathering and purchased online. Any kit for sell at the Gathering will be by chance and sold to the first person asking for it. Each lead can make more kits but is under no obligation to do so. Instructions for some builds are available online but may not be the exact build or parts sold in each kit. Please plan on collecting your kit the day of the build, attend the build scheduled, and keep to the instructions. Any kit not built day of may contact the build leader and hope they can help.
Questions can be directed to anyone on the steering committee. 
Steering Committee members
Harold Weir 801-717-0349
Roxane Weir 801-717-0346
Damon Ferre  801-231-3014
Greg Shoop 801-809-1444
Caleb Buswel 801-787-4137
Jennifer Clark  435-650-1902
Jen Fitt (Treasurer) 801-953-7965
Daren Long 208-521-7638
Ken Shortt 801376-8180
Robert Wolf 801-735-9653
Karen Christensen 801-815-7349
Remington Sorenson 801-910-6746
Blaine Young  801-512-9083
Joe Marquez 801-462-3943
Ricky Taggert  801-678-0078  (online purchase support)?